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        * The followings are examples of the programming projects the beginner and Intermediate level students work on in Jr. Programmer class. Each student has his/her own version of the game.
          You will need the student's permission code (3-7 digits) to be able to play the specific version of the game he/she made.

Rising Bubbles
(Simple animation)
(First Month)
Bouncing Balls
(Animation w/ sound effects)
(Month 1-2)
Psy Dancing
(Animation/Sound Control)
(Month 2-3)
Alien Invaders
(Game Project)
(Month 3-4)
Flying E.T.
(Game Project)
(Month 3)
Attack of Barbarians
(Game Project)
(Month 7-8)
Digital PingPong
(Network Game)
(Month 3-4)
Galactic Battle
(Game Project)
(Month 6-7)
Brick Buster
(Game Project)
(Month 2-3)
Jr. Tetris
(Game Project)
(Month 4-5)